Slipping Into Another World at Liquid Love Serenely

Slipping Into Another World at Liquid Love Serenely

'This room slopes!' That is what my sensing body informed me, much to the chagrin of my brain. 'How likely is it that a floor of a building built in London would slope enough to have me slide one way while I try, in vain to go the other?’ My thinking mind insists I am wrong. 'And now it is sloping another way!' my sensing body cries, as I struggled to move in another direction. I realised then that there was something special about being naked on a plastic sheet, both my body and the sheet slick with olive oil – I had entered a new world of slipperiness. As I slowed down my struggle and started to try new tactics - swimming rather than crawling seemed to work better here, pushing off against a wall or (I admit) another body also created directional propulsion. As I got the hang of it I found that I loved being in a room full of bodies, where I felt safe enough to enjoy an absolutely astonishing and, to me, new level of slipperiness. This was suddenly huge fun!

The room had been beautifully prepared and we all received very comprehensive instructions from our host on appropriate and sex positive behaviour in a slippery world – one of the most critical safety considerations being not to stand up in any circumstances. Feeling safe to be in this space was a big concern to me and I felt that his holding and guidelines were spot on and allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience more. We had been given a signal to halt anything at any time if we didn't feel comfortable and in this environment, the 'Serenity' version of the 'Liquid Love' offering, there was to be no dwelling on genitals or grabbing of bits. We were shown how to touch in a way that would be welcomed – with curiosity, not holding or grasping – and erections were to be welcomed to, as a natural physiological response.

So we dived into this new world. After stripping off (as much or as little as we wanted to), and in a nicely warmed space, the feel of warmed olive oil being poured onto bodies (with eyes squeezed closed) was met by squeals of surprise and delight. We started to wriggle and touch, sliding our hands over our bodies, shimmying buttocks. Some people choose to wear blindfolds but it seemed a wise move anyway to keep eyes mainly closed.

Our host worked hard to keep everyone happy and feeling safe whilst experiencing touch in the right way for them. Background music set the tempo for the experiences and so began a dance of slide and glide, snake and ripple that slippery bodies make in such a space through a myriad of arm, foot, leg, hand, back, butt and boob connections. Skin met slippery skin, a hand ran the length of my leg whilst another brushed my back – gloriously slippery sensual experiences unfolded in a timeless manner, a symphony of sensation ensued. A change of tempo in the music allowed for a bit more playfulness, but calm was soon restored as the music changed again. After a long time (it seemed), we paused for a break and everyone seemed to have loved the experience.

After the break, we played some group games in the oil which invited guided touch and soft massage, in a coordinated fashion, and lovely whole body slides through the oil. The evening ended with a very serene soft group massage – probably my favourite part. Everyone seemed reluctant to break the spell that held the room in an enchanted sea of relaxation – a communal soup of happy bodies. Finally our host invited us to move on out, providing showering facilities and fancy soap.

Serene it certainly was, especially at the end. Everyone should experience this at some point before they die. A wonderful way to experience a whole new world of slipperiness, sensation and connection.

Thank you, Liquid Love.