Pleasure by Post

The sex toy industry has brought fun-filled frolics to many and is responsible for a huge amount of empowerment and sexual liberation over the years. That said, in a world where many live beyond the binary and don't look like the average Ann Summer's model, it's obvious there is a gap in the market for retailers who are able to offer something different. Pleasure by Post is a new online store doing just that and here's why they excite and delights us in equal measure.

Values-based business: they're not just paying lip service, their values are carefully thought out and at the core of their business.

Personal touch: ever bought your toys wondering if all the staff are robots or (more worryingly) zombies? It's nice to know you can speak to an ACTUAL human about your order.

Safety first! Non-toxic toys means no sex paranoia, no allergic reactions and no trips to A&E (hopefully)! Yippee!

Non-gendered products: when most places still like to put you in a box, it's good to know you can shop for something sexy without having to explain yourself, battle prejudice or face demoralising gendered marketing ('this is JUST for girls' or 'this is JUST for boys').

Body Positive: sex and toys are for all bodies, obviously. Trans, fat, skinny, POC, cis, disabled, stretch-marked tummies and many more bodies are represented, celebrated and catered for by Pleasure by Post.

Sex Positive: some sex toys and their packaging are steeped in sex-negativity and have the ick-factor due to being branded as ‘naughty’ ‘filthy’ or ‘dirty’. Pleasure by Post avoid these words and do not ‘sell products for the purposes of genital bleaching, genital tightening, or genital enlargement [because they] do not subscribe to the idea that genitals must be white, tight, and massive to be worthwhile’. Spot on, we say.  

Honesty: having transparent selling practices, admitting privilege and inviting feedback takes buckets of vulnerability and courage. We love seeing a new business start off with these values.

We hope that Pleasure by Post sends a clear message to other retailers in the market. It’s time to do business differently with a commitment to including every-body. Best of luck and keep up the good work!