Welcome to sex+. This zine has spent about 6 months in gestation while we have been figuring out what we want to say to the world about sex. It hasn't been an easy process, but we're getting there and feel the right amount of trepidation and excitement in bringing some brilliant and thought-provoking content to you.

With 2016 over and done with, *phew*, now more than ever it's important to stand for what we believe in. Our words matter, in everyday conversations, in our relationships and at work, they make a difference and change minds. Together our actions supporting those who are silenced and disenfranchised, we are powerful enough to change the world. sex+ is a platform for your words and your actions. It is only as great as the content submitted from people who are brave enough to share their struggles and dreams for the benefit of us all.

We're launching with some powerful words by Lauren Brim on The New American Family that continues to emerge despite the current political climate. The norm is shifting, whether anyone likes it or not and it's taking on shapes that are more authentic to how we want to live and love in the 21st Century. Old community-based values are resurfacing and playing a crucial role in how we support each other, raise our children and survive in difficult times. In these communities we can truly be ourselves and that, in itself, is life-changing for many. 


sex+ would not have been possible without the many people who have nurtured and enthused the project with love and energy from the moment of conception. To the editorial team who works alongside me on every concept and corner, your support and vision has been indispensable. Heartfelt gratitude to Sándor Csikó for turning our vision into infrastructure and Beatrice Portinari for beautiful photographs. To every contributor who took a chance and submitted their work - thank you for trusting us. To the sex positive communities all around the world - thank you for the inspiration, this zine would not exist without you. And finally, to you, curious reader on the interweb - thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon.

With Love,

Kim Loliya, Editor-in-Chief