Front Linesex+

Calu Lema

Front Linesex+
Calu Lema

sex+ Front Line brings you the people and groups on the front line of sexuality, doing what they love and changing the world for the better. This edition features Calu Lema, sharing her world with us. 

Who are you?

I am a body & sex positive advocate, a feminist, a queer activist, a conscious sexuality promoter and someone that experiences love in an inclusive way. I am an explorer and a curious soul, reinventing myself in constant expansion. I am passionate about life, the body and movement, which has led me to create practices that initially work for me and that I share with others in the groups I facilitate. I’m a human being on my own journey through gender and sexuality. My Colombian background makes me flexible to many circumstances and strengthens my desire for diversity. I feel a lot of richness in our differences and also like celebrating what we have in common.

What are you doing?

I offer a space for Naked Movement that helps people get in touch with their body, hear its voice and the wisdom it can offer us. I facilitate connection initially with ourselves and then with others, using the body as a vehicle to explore themes such as consent, boundaries, rhythm, stillness and breath. This journey uses nudity as it’s an edge, there is a tone of presence when naked, which is like a meditation. It’s taken me to some beautiful places of bliss, ecstasy, nothingness and oneness. There is always more to discover, more to unlearn, more to create.  I also offer Naked Women’s Circles which were born out of the explorations in Naked Movement and a need for a women (LGBTQIA+ inclusive) safe space to explore aspects of our sensuality and our sexual energy.  

Credit: Sonia Sars

Credit: Sonia Sars

Why is it important?   

We have a lot of work to do with our bodies, most of us have so many internalised narratives that lead us to hate our bodies. We need to undo those narratives as they are impacting our whole lives. We can do this individually, but it’s more powerful when we come together as we have the strength and support of others and we can love our bodies together with our different shapes and sizes. Self-love is a daily practice and these events are a way of creating a reference, so that we know that it’s possible to be comfortable in our body and not feel judged.

What’s your secret weapon?

My body. Every time I engage in an embodied practice I process stuff, release blocked emotions, make space internally for new stories and come out feeling reassured, with a sense of gratitude that flows both ways (from my body to me a vice versa).

What’s your favourite element?

I am fire. It represents for me creation, destruction, transformation, passion for life and sexual energy that can be channelled creatively.

How do we show some love?

We either bump into each other randomly or I’ve got a website 
Facebook, and email. I offer regular group and private sessions in London and have an upcoming Naked Movement Retreat in Portugal for those who want to go deeper with the practice. 

Featured photo credit: Sonia Sars