OMG YES is a hands-on guide to female pleasure. In principle, I love the idea and I couldn't wait to give it a go. Whilst the content is very well delivered, it was the practical side of it that didn't quite win me over and it took me quite a few visits to really get into it... perseverance is key! In this age of digital, it's the perfect format for sharing, especially as we still seem shackled by judgments of old, where we feel we can't talk about sex openly, let alone pleasure or female masturbation.

To my delight OMG YES blows open the doors on female pleasure and masturbation and instantly makes you feel comfortable and safe. OMG YES is a great info tool for all -  for regular masturbators, for those who have never, for those who have occasionally, for the experimental types and for those people who have masturbated the same since their early teens.  It is also great for those who are about to explore a woman's body for the first time.

OMG YES is easy to navigate and the videos are short enough to keep your attention but still give you a good amount of information. This is such a perfect modality for sharing extremely sensitive and personal material. The videos make you feel at ease as they're just normal women sharing their most intimate moments, something most of us have never done... with anyone, never mind in public! It's also great that each style has different women showing their interpretation so that you feel comfortable knowing that you can adjust the technique to suit your own body and pleasure.

The informative side of OMG YES is fantastic and I think that every person in the world should have access to content of this nature from their early teens, as this level of pleasure exploration is something that most people will go their entire lives without. My only addition would be to make it more open to a Sex Positive world so that many different types of female genitalia are explored. I hope that this is something that will happen with time.

On the technical side you get shown how to do the movement/touch in each section and then you move onto the interactive, try-it-yourself videos.  Here you get to try out what you have learned, touching the women on your touch screen. As you 'try it out' you are prompted to do various things to make it better, or more in line with what the receiver desires.  One such instruction is to: ‘apply more pressure’. I know touch screens are advanced, but trying to navigate ‘more pressure’ on them is really hard.  It can get quite frustrating, especially when they repeat the same instruction over and over again, with no indication of how you actually apply more pressure on a touch screen!  Is it a longer touch or maybe a touch with a slight pull?  As someone who is rather experienced in touching vulvas I found this quite frustrating as I didn't feel like I was getting it right and I didn't have a clue how to make it better. I feel that a novice or someone having this as their first vulva experience may be a little disheartened and feel a few more hints and tips as you go would be useful. That being said, you have to keep a grip on reality and bear in mind that you are essentially touching a screen and not a real vulva and it's the principle of it not the actuality.

For me the letdown of the site is the abrupt way in which the 'try-it-yourself' videos end.  You are stroking away, receiving comments or instructions such as "hmm yes that's it",  "try a little more like this". Then, just as you start to try, the video ends and cuts to an OMG YES holding screen. At first I thought it was a fault so I tried on six different devices and they all behaved the same way. I contacted the site directly and enquired about this and that's just the way it is. To be quite frank the first few times it happened to me I was confused as I thought I was doing well with the strokes and the on-screen woman was enjoying it and I couldn't understand why it was cut short. The next couple of times, I'd just been told to try something new, when I did it cut off leaving me feeling rejected and not good enough. I know this sounds dramatic, but for someone who has gone to the effort of accessing this site and trying it out, I feel that there needs to be a little more sensitivity with the ending as this is a delicate topic.

I'm not sure why the videos can't run for longer, so that the practice session can go on until you master the moves.  I understand it was a conscious decision by the developers not to have the practice videos lead to orgasm (apart from where that is the specified aim) however, there must be a better way of bringing the practice to a close rather than just cutting it off. Even a ten second warning that lets you know the session is coming to an end would be effective or as the video ends an instruction screen informing users to try this on themselves or share with a partner.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the site continues to develop and whether they can resolve the video endings. I believe once those are sorted this it's definitely a tool I would recommend to clients.

Rating - 7/10.

Victoria Helen Roberts, CSB

Body Image, Intimacy Coach and Certified Sexological Bodyworker