More Than 'You'

I like to feel

your hands

tracing the landscape

of my body.

I like to feel

her hands

following yours

in a sensual dance

of fingers

over my skin.

I like the way

she invites you

with her eyes

to get a little closer.

I like how you

synch your breath

to hers as she does

to mine,

to end up

waving together

in a trembling inhalation

of desire.

I like to tune

into the rhythms

of her lust

as you take her

for another ride

around the block.

I like dropping deeper

into bliss

as you hold

my head

and she grounds

my feet.

I like to feel

your weight


my movement

and her skin

sealing your lips.

I like to lose track,

get lost in

the mix of touch, 

engage with an unidentified

I like to not know

who’s underneath

or who’s above,

who’s bursting

or who’s on pause.

I like our sex

and the strength

of our love

with 'You’s

so unapologetically plural

and tender exchanges

so visibly 'us'.